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Attic After School is a Faith-based program that serves students mostly from the Wyoming Public School District. Our ministry is unique in that we offer Junior High and High School students (instead of grade school) a safe, positive, and fun place to hang out. Attic doors are open 2:30-5:00 P.M., which according to the Wyoming Police is a time when juvenile crime peaks.

We know firsthand, there is a great need for teenagers to have a safe, fun, and positive place to hang out after school. We have been working in collaboration with the Wyoming Police Department to keep students safe and out of trouble by giving them a place to go where they are accepted and shown the love of Christ. There is a great need for an Attic After School in every community.

Imagine students who are struggling with their identity, they're looking to be loved, maybe they're facing peer pressure, or something worse like self-harm. The students walking through our doors every day are struggling with these things and more. They're in our neighborhood; they're in our schools; they're in our church and even in our families.

Attic After School has impacted over 1500 students and their families. By offering this program we have had the privilege to see many students make life-changing decisions. Many have come to know Christ as their personal Savior.

We help students and their families work through difficult situations: thoughts of self-harm, homelessness, teen pregnancy, thoughts of suicide, financial situations, problems with the police or school, substance abuse, family struggles, even the loss of a loved one.

These students are the future leaders of our neighborhood, city, country, state, and even our country. Would you consider helping us work with teenagers to become better equipped to be a future leader.

For more information on volunteering, contact Jordan at 616-901-8531 or

We need you to partner with us by committing to one or more areas listed:

  • Pray for the ministry

  • Become a Volunteer

  • Financial gifts - any size, monthly, yearly

  • Share this cause with your friends and family.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Intern - Learn the ministry inside and out

  • Mentor - Hang out, play games, build relationships with students

  • Registration - Greet students, check them in and out, fill out proper paperwork

  • Homework Room - Monitor homework room. You are not required to help students, but if you are good at math, English, history, etc. this could be helpful

  • Security Guard - Walk the grounds of the building and outside

  • Website/Facebook - Help to maintain our website and Facebook page

  • Photographer - Take pictures of students and activities

  • Snack Room -  Stock shelves and fridge, serve students, inventory

  • Computer - General paper/office work

  • Game Coordinator - Prepare games and challenges to build student leadership

  • Mechanic/Maintenance - General minor repairs of our van, games, furniture, miscellaneous items

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