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Our Policy

Attic After School is a safe and fun place for teens to hang out after school, have a snack, and relax. We then transition to a 15-20 minute or so of “Talk Time.” This is a time we share different Biblical values, how to make positive life choices, and share the gospel with our students. After our Talk Time, we have an organized group game. Each of these blocks of time are intentional - and the students enjoy each one of them.


Opportunities to Serve:

Attic After School is here to serve your student and our community. To ensure the safest environment for both students and staff, all of our staff/volunteers are thoroughly screened and background checked.


Registration Form:

A Parent/Guardian must complete the attached registration/medical liability release form and return it before the student's next visit. Without this form completed, your student will not be allowed to attend. Students must have a current application on file each new school year. Parents and guardians are welcome to observe the Attic After School program at any time.

Donation Opportunity:

Attic After School is funded entirely through the donations of individuals who desire to make an investment in teenagers lives who will be our future leaders.

To make a donation - go to 


Avoid crude language - That means do not swear.

Keep all electronics out of the Attic - All cell phones, computers, etc. 

Participate in all activities - Don’t be lame, play the game.

Always keep your shoes on - No one wants to smell your

stinky feet.

Be respectful of others and the Attic - Don’t be mean to

others or to the sweet stuff in the Attic.

Clean up after yourself - Keep the attic neat and tidy.

No Purpleing - Guys are blue, girls are red, don't make purple.

Always have fun! School is out, it’s time to relax and have fun.

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